Program runs from June 1 to August 10


Difficulty: Hard Hard

Distance: 1.38 miles

Restrooms: No

Dog Friendly: Yes

Stroller Friendly: No

Playground: No

Wheelchair Friendly: No

Location: Michaux State Forest – Rocky Knob Trail to Camps Trail

GPS Coordinates

Your Keys to Adventure

  1. From the parking area, cross the road and enter the trail. Go around the rocks and walk uphill.
  2. At the T with the Rocky Knob Trail sign, go straight and follow the orange blazes. Continue on this wide trail as it goes slightly uphill.
  3. When you reach a spot with two large brown trail posts, turn right onto Camps Trail. It is a very narrow trail, with the opening right at a tree with an orange blaze. Check the brown posts to be sure you are on the right trail.
  4. The trail immediately bends right, following the red blazes.
  5. As you walk, watch your footing as there are a lot of rocks.
  6. The trail is narrow and weaves through the forest, going up and down. You may have to step over a fallen tree (unless it has already been cleared).
  7. Continue to follow the red blazes. You might pass a short, wet section, so watch your step and walk carefully.
  8. The trail will go down slightly and then up a small hill. The post will be ahead on your right at a tree with a red blaze (about three-quarters of a mile on the hike).
  9. To return, turn around and go back to Rocky Knob Trail and turn left. Follow this trail back to the parking area.

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