Program runs from June 1 to August 10


Difficulty: Moderate Moderate

Distance: 0.60 miles

Restrooms: No

Dog Friendly: Yes

Stroller Friendly: No

Playground: No

Wheelchair Friendly: No

Location: Hale Memorial Trail

GPS Coordinates

Your Keys to Adventure

  1. After parking along the residential street, enter the gravel path located between two homes and stay straight on the path. You will pass a bench to your right and cross over a small stream. Follow the path to the left and continue on the path heading toward the woods. You will pass a small utility shed on your right.
  2. At this point you will exit the gravel path onto a grass path. Continue straight on the grass path with the wooded area to your right. Do not follow the “walking trail” arrow sign located by the wooded area.
  3. Follow the grass path over a small bridge and follow the path, turning right into the woods between a birdhouse and a bench.
  4. Continue straight on the path in the woods. The post will be located by a tree near a wooden bench on the right side of the path in the woods.
  5. Follow the path out of the woods passing a wooden bench and concrete bench on your left. You will follow a short grass path before entering a second wooded area.
  6. Follow the path briefly through the woods and exit the woods back onto a grass path.
  7. Continue on the grass path and merge back onto the gravel path leading back to your vehicle.

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